Direct Foods

About Us

Since the launch of Direct Foods in 1998 we have built up a fantastic reputation for quality service and value, supplying chefs in the finest restaurants and catering establishments fresh fruit and vegetables.

At Direct Foods we are proud of our growth and customer retention in a keenly-contested market our customer list has increased over the years through word of mouth and not by pushy company reps.

We pride ourselves on delivering an extensive variety of high quality produce to the customer exactly when and where they want it and we have always recognised the importance of tailoring our service to each customer's individual needs.

We offer a full 6 day delivery/'s from our Glasgow depot that cover a wide area of Scotland Glasgow, Livingston, Edinburgh, Perth and Dundee to name but a few of the areas that we supply to on a daily basis. We are extremely passionate about food. We go to enormous lengths to find the best, freshest and most seasonal fruit and vegetables.

Our main buyer Stuart Angus who has over 25 years experience in the fruit and vegetable trade and is also a director with the company continues to visit all of our suppliers both in the UK and Europe with regular visits to Holland, France, Egypt, ltaly and Morocco to maintain the best quality and prices.

We are also devoted to sourcing locally»grown produce, in order to both support local farmers and also reduce, where possible, the company's carbon footprint. To this end we are delighted to be able to call upon a growing network of British suppliers providing fruit and vegetables on our behalf.

Paul Downey who also has over 25 years experience supplying the hospitality industry with fresh produce is a director of the business and runs the day to day management of the of Direct Foods looking after quality control, distribution, customer care and pricing.

We also try and think out the box when it comes to our working relationship with our customers. We like to assist with things like training and provide support to your teams so that they understand the full supply chain when it comes to fruit and vegetables. We like to get our chefs along to some of the buying trips to meet the growers and open their eyes to the wonders of the worlds largest food market Rungis in Paris.